A Year in Beer

It was the summer of 2012.

In London, the Olympics were in full swing and, across town, the Independent was releasing their latest list of the 50 best beers. In Devon, I was looking around to find some challenges to undertake. This blog is meant to be about balancing the enjoyment of great food and drink with a healthy round of exercise and it made sense to me to find a couple of challenges, to help meet both aims.

A full introduction to both challenges can be found in this post from September 2012. But if you don’t have time to read that, then please let me summarise. In short I decided to enter the inaugural 5×50 Challenge (the exercise challenge) and to sample all 50 of the top 50 beers (the great food and drink challenge). 50 beers, 52 weeks in the year. It’s almost perfect.

completed the 5×50 Challenge some 50 days later, whereas the other challenge continued into 2013. The Independent kindly let me have a guest spot on their beer blog and you can read my summary of the year on the Dish of the Day blog. Or, read on for a month-by-month account of the challenge.

In between times, I also had moments to ponder on the challenge. Some of these posts can be found below.

Did your favourite make the list? Have you tried all of these beers? Could this inspire you to try something new? If you would like to share your favourite beer (as in tell us what it is, I’m not asking you to pass it round), then please leave a comment below.

And please don’t forget that it should be all things in moderation. The aim of this blog is to find a suitable balance between health and enjoyment of good food and drink. I would encourage you to explore the exciting and varied world of beer, but please do it sensibly.



7 thoughts on “A Year in Beer

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