Going back

There must come a time in every blogger’s life where they feel as though they are just going back over old ground. “Been here before” they think, “nothing new to say”. This is where I find myself today, but I am here on purpose.

Second chances are a good thing and, on the odd occasion when I find a Devon food or drink product that I don’t like, I think it is only fair that they get a second bite of the cherry. Or, rather, I get a second bite.

Back at Christmas one of the winter beers I tried was Quercus Reindeer Fuel and I’m afraid to say that I didn’t really like it. So, when presented with the opportunity to try some more Quercus beers, I jumped at the chance to reset my relationship with their beers. Unfortunately it didn’t start well.

Quercus Shingle Bay is a golden ale, and it pours very clear and bright golden in colour. It has an aroma that reminded me of a lager, with fruit hints. Taste-wise, it did not have much going on to start with and it finishes bitter and a little funky. It still wasn’t doing much for me unfortunately.

But next up was Harry’s, a richer beer with a nice, clear, deep copper colour. It has a chocolate malty aroma with some chocolate hints throughout. It is a pleasant session beer and I enjoyed it a lot more than Shingle Bay. Towards the end the maltiness gives way to a faintly fruity finish. This would be my choice from the range of Quercus beers and I guess that it shows a great thing about beer: there are lots of styles and lots of beers and if you find that you don’t like one or two beers you should not despair. Keep going and you will find one you like soon enough.

And now for something completely different.

Blueberry jam

The Blueberry Brothers produce all sorts of blueberry-based products. Unfortunately, their blueberry beer collaboration with Hunters did not make my list of top beers when I tried it last year. When I had the chance to try the brothers’ products again, I thought it would be better to stick to something that was full of blueberries and less of a blueberry-related collaboration. And I have to say that this jam is really good.

I couldn’t taste the lime but its addition to the jam helps to quieten down the sweetness of the blueberries. It is certainly sweet, but not too sweet, and has a really pleasant fruity taste. Consistency-wise it is quite thin and comes jam-packed (see what I did there?) with whole blueberries. Spread some of this on a slice of toast and enjoy…

Blueberry on toast

The moral of the story is that it is always good to give second chances. Certainly when there is beer and jam involved.


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