Look who’s back

I hope you don’t mind,

But I’m a little behind.

I’ve been lax with my blogging

(And worse with the jogging!)

Your forgiveness I’m hoping to find.

In the pool I was winning,

I was mastering swimming,

And whilst my running was slow,

And my feet wouldn’t go,

On my face you could see I was grinning.

Then the wind it did blow,

And down came the snow.

But that’s not to blame,

‘Cos much to my shame,

I had already let myself go.

Day 15 I could savour,

But then my interest did waver.

Day 16 was too shabby,

With writing gone flabby.

Janathon was falling from favour!

But I stuck with the plank,

Though my times sometimes stank,

I made it up to a minute,

For the wife then to win it

(She has abs like the tracks of a tank).

I’m back now it’s true,

There’s still plenty to do.

This month isn’t done

I can still have some fun,

And I’ll post it all here when I do.

(With apologies to all poets, everywhere)


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